Here is the English language translation of Prof. Burkhardt’s presentation of Prof. Arne Burkhardt’s presentation from the 2nd Pathology Conference.

The same document in pdf format is available here


We have taken all reasonable efforts to achieve accuracy of the translation (including a review by Prof Burkhardt himself) to provide a document which can be useful to lay people and professionals alike in helping to understand Prof Burkhardt’s findings. We take no responsibility for omissions or mistakes.

Link for original conference, 18th Sept 2022 :

Subtitled video - Part 1

Subtitled video - Part 2

Two unrolled Twitter Threads (in PDF format) that provide a simple exposition of Prof. Burkhardt's findings.

Thread 1 Thread 2

The original threads can be found in Twitter here: part 1 and part 2

Short video extracts

Crystalline cholesterol:

Blood clots:

Autoimmune diseases:

Brain damage:

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome:

Aortic dissection :